Infantry Fighting Vehicle

GDLS Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) will be the medium-weight core of the Australian Army’s deployable Combined Arms Fighting System. It will carry, manoeuvre and protect close combatant personnel and crew within direct fire weapons range, while delivering class-leading situational awareness and precision lethality to targets of opportunity.

The IFV is capable of operating in complex terrain in concert with the M1 Abrams, delivering combat personnel to the objective and supporting them as they move through.

The platform’s enhanced modular survivability technology is scalable, providing commanders with the flexibility to manage combat loading to balance mobility against the prevailing threat. The modular nature of the survivability package enables rapid integration of new survivability technologies as they become available.

Lethality is provided by a precision 30mm cannon supported by a coaxial 7.62 machine gun and 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL). Where the mission dictates, the AGL can be swapped out for twin surface-to-surface missile launchers for engagement of Heavy Armour or fortifications. The Panoramic Primary Sight provides advanced all-weather imaging technology capability, which allows the IFV platform to find, engage and target enemy combatants at far greater ranges than current legacy platforms.

GDLS Infantry Fighting Vehicle

A sophisticated 5th Generation Electronic Architecture makes it the class-leading land platform that is able to seamlessly integrate both current and future open ISTAR and communication products. The advanced digital architecture enables seamless multi-sensor integration into a common operating picture, reducing cognitive load on the operators, ensuring decision superiority and rapid target engagement. It is able to distribute information rapidly across platforms.


  • Crew of three
  • Capacity for six dismounts
  • Panoramic Primary Sight
  • 30mm stabilised cannon
  • Coax machine gun, 40mm AGL, and provision for twin rail missile launcher
  • Modular armour
  • 5th Generation fully Digital Electronic Architecture
  • High-performance power-pack
  • Advanced torsion bar suspension system
  • Remote Weapon System
  • Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Counter-IED electronic countermeasures
  • Tactical unmanned aerial vehicle integration
  • Collective protection for CBRN threats


  • The soldier to manoeuvre onto an objective whilst providing protection
  • Class-leading situational awareness and precision lethality


  • Best-in-class protection levels; advanced surveillance and target acquisition; and firepower
  • The first fully-digitised land platform, representing a step-change in flexible capability


  • Medium-weight core of the Australian Army’s deployable Combined Arms Fighting System
  • Commanders with flexible and capable Close Combat Mounted Manoeuvre
  • Flexibility to continue to perform a range of other roles

Vehicle Performance

  • Gross vehicle rating of 42 tonnes
  • 810 HP engine with 6F/5R speed transmission
  • Unrivalled protection in mission-specific armour configurations
  • Fully-digitised Electronic Architecture (Generic Vehicle Architecture compliant)

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