AJAX represents the future of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) for the Australian Army, providing best-in-class protection and survivability, reliability and mobility and all-weather Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Recognition (ISTAR) capabilities. Its range of variants will allow the Australian Army to conduct sustained, expeditionary, full-spectrum and network-enabled operations with a reduced logistics footprint. AJAX can operate in combined-arms and multi-national situations across a wide-range of future operating environments.

Each AJAX platform is designed for future growth. With 42 tonnes of driveline capacity, a scalable and open 5th Generation Electronic Architecture and a modular armour system, it has enormous potential to combat evolving threats and incorporate new technology throughout the lifespan of the platform.

The unique digital, open electronic architecture enables AJAX to host and manage multiple communications and sensor operating systems concurrently. This allows the manipulation of information between various networks, including those of Coalition partners. Each AJAX vehicle can form a node in the battlespace Communications and Information System Network and provide a hub for the support and exploitation of wireless communications to dismounted force elements. AJAX has the capability to operate within legacy communication and data environments, while being enabled to adopt future systems.

The organic sensors available on the AJAX Family of Vehicles (FoV) provide superior situational awareness for the crew and combatants on board the vehicle and contribute to the wider C4ISR situational awareness of the Battle Group through gathering, using and distributing information as part of an integrated network. AJAX is capable of harnessing the output from manned and unmanned offensive systems, and ISTAR platforms to deliver immediate combat effects on the battlefield.

Designed with expeditionary operations in mind, the AJAX can embark on strategic maritime lift and amphibious platforms, as well as being deployed in C17 and A400 airlift assets. Standard NATO fittings on every vehicle enable AJAX to operate seamlessly with legacy land mobility assets.

The Australian AJAX FoV consists of nine roles, four variants and one common base platform, and will serve at the heart of the Australian Army’s deployable Combined Arms Fighting System.

Replacing the Australian Army’s existing force of M113AS4 (tracked) Armoured Personnel Carriers, AJAX will provide nine different roles:

  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle: Provides enhanced mobility and protection for dismounted close combatants. Delivering them to the objective and remaining to provide sustained fighting in the direct fire zone and capability to close and survive against a highly-lethal threat
  • Command and Control: Providing a mobile battlefield headquarters
  • Joint Fires: The provision of dedicated Line of Sight observation, enabling the acquisition and distribution of targeting intelligence throughout the spectrum of conflict
  • Engineer Reconnaissance: Enabling manoeuvre force elements to gain timely, accurate and relevant information about threat engineering activities and terrain
  • Ambulance: Enabling the timely and effective recovery of combat casualties from the direct fire zone
  • Recovery: Recovering damaged vehicles
  • Fitters: Repairing and towing damaged vehicles
  • Combat Engineer: Protected multi-function engineering vehicle
  • Manoeuvre Support: Clearing obstacles along the route to the objective through the use of specialist attachments

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